Donald Trump Sparks Health Concerns After ‘Drinking Water Like A Child’

By Chris Ogden on

Donald Trump is not a lot of choice for the president of the United States, and the last reason is the absolute dose: a simple glass of water.

During a speech on his government’s national security strategy on Monday, Trump temporarily stopped talking to quench his thirst with a sip of water. Quite good – we are all human and our fragile bodies are in any case up to 60 percent water.

What people say is drinking water. In the upper part of the incident below it shows that Trump caught the two-year-old glass and leaned it toward his lips:

It’s a bit odd, is not it? Of course, no matter what Trump is doing these days, this is good news, so it was obvious that this unusual – so small – is corrupt, attracts people’s attention.

And here is the look, the Internet quickly pointed out that a strange little sniper looked, leaving some jams back:


To be honest with Trump, his second sip of glass later in the speech was much more normal when he took the glass in the usual way:

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