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For the first time The Hyperloop capsule is full size and ultra-fast

A new full-size Hyperloop capsule designed to carry passengers at 1000 km / h (620 ml / h) was presented Tuesday, offering an insight into what may be moving in the future.
Hyperloop is a megafast transport considered for the first time as a cutting-edge technology by the controversial object of potentate Elon Musk. It is designed to carry people in low pressure steel pipes at a speed corresponding to the speed of the passenger plane.
Several companies are currently competing for the first implementation of the Hyperloop concept. Hyperloop Transport Technologies, an American start-up that is not related to musk, is hoping its new prototype-size capsule will give it an edge.
The elegant capsule was unveiled in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, near the place where it was built on the premises of partner Airificial, HyperloopTT.
Considered a “wingless aircraft”, Hyperloop aims to permanently disrupt long-distance travel. Currently, several Hyperloop routes are being developed in countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and France.
This new Hyperloop capsule, called “Quintero One”, is made of a double layer intelligent composite material designed for extraordinary durability.

New era of transportation?…

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