World’s last white northern rhino dies

The 45-year-old rhinoceros has described Sudan War in poor health for the past few days and has been affected by age-related problems and multiple infections.
A veterinary team made the decision to euthanize Sudan after its success, WildAid conservation group announced Tuesday.
Sudan at the Lower Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, reared guards in the days before his death to protect them from poachers.
“He was a gentle giant, but his person has a good reputation, because he has a large number of people who are interested in him,” said Elodie Sampere, the representative of Ol Pejeta.
The shapers were able to save some of Sudan’s genetic material, hoping to successfully create one of the two women, Sampere sang.

“We can only hope that the world learns from the sad loss of Sudan and takes every measure to end all trade in rhino horn. While prices of rhino horn are falling in China and Vietnam, poaching for horn still threatens all rhino species,” said WildAid CEO Peter Knights.

Rhinos are attacked by the Asian belief that poachers attack their horns to cure various diseases. Experts say the rhino horn is gaining more than more drugs.

In addition to 24-hour security, Ol Pejeta Conservancy sent radio stations and incognito Rangers sent communities around to gather wildlife information.

At 45, the Sudanese rhinos were older and older people suffered from problems.

In recent years the woman did not get it naturally, and got a small amount of sperm. This made reproductive ability difficult.

His daughter Najin, 28, and Fatu are considered his young grandson. Najin may be pregnant but the legs are so weak and they can not get a mounted man.

The Western Rino Belt poached seven years ago. All five rhino species are threatened by the Save the Rhino rescue team.

Correction: The story has been updated to make it clear that it was in White Rhino Sudan.


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