The student was excluded from the class because he told the teacher there are only two sexes

Student of Indiana University of, Lake Ingle, was speaking to a man outside the class, and dismissed his teacher’s claims. (Lake Ingle)

Religious studies were divided into Christianity classes at the University of Indiana, and there were only two classes in the class.

Lake Ingle, a senior university professor, said Professor IUP was being punished by Alison Downie, on February 28 to question “Christianity 481: Self, Sin and Salvation”.

After discussing the “sexism” and “male privilege” of “reality” by Paula Stone Williams after a 15-month-old transgender TED Talk, the teacher asked classmates to share their thoughts. Women in the class did not say anything, Ingle talked to a biologist, and when he appeared to favor the leverage of the genre.

The official view of biologists is that the class is only between the two sexes.

A feminist teacher started and started off of class and did not ask for a refund. He called the University Academic Integrated Committee (AIB). Ingle needs to complete a class to be graduated at the end of the semester.

“If you did not attend this class according to class rupture policy,” IUP Provost Timothy Moerland told Ingle in a March 2 letter.

Dr. Alison Downie, led by the student, Lake Ingle, at the IUP Plenary Session, originally allowed him to apologize and silence and talk. In the end, he decided to leave the class. (Lake Ingle)

Ingle said the teacher was unconstitutional.

“Because my teacher violates my first amendment rights because my opinions and ideology are different,” Ingle told Fox News. “So he took himself to silence himself and embarrassed me – bully me” to talk. ”

Downie accuses the conservative liberty conservative student of the “refusal to renounce the turn”, “when the response required to listen to the transcribing speaker, discuss male and female sexual privilege” and “disrespectful Trans identity and experience value references. ”

Ingle does not see exceptions for transsexuals, women’s rights or wages, but as examples of improper use of intellectual power in the university.

“In my opinion, they belong to every human being as they are appropriate for identifying, dressing and representing freedom and right,” said Ingle. “I think this is a personal attempt to silence my point of view, so it’s obvious that they encourage class.”


He argued that Ingle Downie’s “general abuse” teacher was a “doctorate” teacher, who had not heard of a controversial argument.

“You can not say that the evidence is anecdotal,” said Ingle. “I just wanted to hide my teacher, because she talked to women. I said that biologists do not agree that I have more than two genres and I have said sales of $ 77 cents, even though the New York Times has been debunked.”

Downie and Ingle had a running of the bulls at the AIB on Friday, with a trial of March 19.

In the case of Ingle’s rules, May will not be licensed in May. However, he intends to become a teacher at a time.

“When you see this kind of abuse of intellectual power, it is a person that wants to go back and it is responsibly and morally done,” Ingle said. “Instead of your ideology provider, it can be an educator.”


The university was unable to comment on student education records, and Downie did not immediately respond to the demands.

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