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Matt Damon delivers his family to Australia because of Trump

With the rise of President Trump, many celebrities from Barbara Streisand to Cher have promised to travel north or to Australia. None of them delivered. , , until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, after page six, Matt Damon plans to move his family to Australia to protest President Trump.

“Damon, 47, would have bought a property in Byron Bay, New South Wales,” page six reports. “The house is next to a place owned by Chris Hemsworth – Damon recently appeared in” Thor: Ragnarok “.

A source said in the end, “Matt is telling his friends and colleagues in Hollywood that he will bring the family to Australia” to protest President Trump’s policies.

“Matt says the move will not affect his job because he will go where his plans are and tell his friends that he wants a safe place to raise his kids,” he added.


Damon also spoke of a “spectrum of behavior” in relation to sexual harassment, citing the “difference between tapping on the butt and rape or attacking a child.”

The setback came quickly against Damon. Feminists have vilified her on social media and former co-stars have publicly denounced her. Last month, a petition was launched to request that Damon’s cameo be removed from the film at the next restart of Ocean’s 8.

The move could be to protest President Trump, or he could move away from the intense heat that Damon took during the fallout of Harvey Weinstein. A long-time friend of the film’s mogul, Damon gave a serious blow to his credibility after the New York Times claimed that mega-producer Weinstein had been targeting industrial actresses for years. Although Damon refused to be aware of Weinstein’s crime, he tacitly admitted to recognizing Weinstein’s alleged harassment of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Last December, Damon suffered the fuss of feminists when he called Al Franken and a woman fumbled a “terrible joke” and he would be willing to cooperate with comedian Louis CK after the revelations he had masturbated in front of women.

“The Louis C.K. thing, I do not know all the details,” said Damon. “I do not do deep dives, but I saw his statement that stopped me when he came out and said,” I did it, I did these things. everyone is telling the truth. And I just remember thinking, “Well, it’s a sign of someone we can work with …” As I educate my children, this constant personal responsibility is as important as anything they do. learn before leaving the world. ”

After fighting enough, Damon finally told NBC “Today” he was going to “shut up for a while”.

“I really would have liked to hear a lot more before I thought about it,” Damon said of #MeToo. “In the end, what I mean is that I do not want to aggravate, do or say any pain, so I’m really sorry.”

Damon’s star status was also severely affected in 2017 with his two critical critics: “Suburbicon” and “Downsizing”.

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