Cutting welfare would have to pay illegal aliens on trump wall

After all, Mexico does not have to pay for the wall. US taxpayers will not receive a card. A controversial obstacle, but it will cover its costs, illegal immigrants who go to the border with the federal border.

This is the discovery of recent immigration research, which shows a budget of $ 18 billion. Lehnendakaritza Trump plans to build a border beyond the southern border, not just crime and drugs, but poverty as well.

“The wall can be paid for on its own, although we optimally reduce crossbreeding and drug smuggling,” says the research director of the research center Steven A. Camarota.

Federal data have a wall. Under the Bush administration in El Paso, Texas, a metal metal barrier with three metal flows was built, reducing the number of illegal border crossings that were 89% over five years old.

1.7 million Mexican and Mexican borders are illegal in the next decade.

If a wall has paralyzed 200,000 passages in the future, Camarota says taxpayers, public education, tax credits, and other current income benefits should be paid in Mexico and Central America and illegal immigrants.

The US taxpayers, who would sell eight million US dollars, would sell $ 64 million, almost four times their cost, no additional government savings, reduction in federal drug use, and limiting border security. force

Camarote explains the cross-border remains of the illegal borderline in Mexico and Central America. They make up more than 75% of illegal immigrants in the United States. Overly bad, bad, and lack English and other skills. In fact, an average Latino immigrant has fewer than 10 educational levels. That is, when they work, they make low wages; and consequently pay little tax on the use of public services. And if they have kids in the US, they get well-being benefits for the children of the US and every other citizen with the same good.

“Much of the wealth used in immigrants’ homes is on behalf of their children’s children,” Camarote said. “These are in particular the houses run by illegal immigrants”.

Because of this, illegal tax cross-border taxation is causing a tax burden of more than $ 72,000 to survive, says Camarota. Including the cost of giving birth to children, tax revenues of more than $ 94,000 were sold.

Although national media do not welcome illegal immigrants, Camarote says myths are complex. In most cases, they can not legally benefit from social assistance, food stamps, Medicaid or other public services, and most of the illegal immigrant families are wealthy off their children.


“There is simply no question that households headed by illegal immigrants access a good deal of welfare. In fact, illegal immigrants’ use of some programs is quite high,” he said.

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