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Colorful And Unexpected Unicorn Armpit Hair New Trend

Unless, in one way or another, you have obtained complete and total isolation from the rest of society, in this case I have some questions because I am very jealous, most likely the term “Unicorn Hair” sounds like a bell.

You know, these super beautiful and colorful hair shades, everything from pastel tones to shaded, rainbow tones. Yes, the whole concept of unicorn hair has assaulted social networks and forced people to improve their game when it comes to creative color.

Well, this trend of unicorn hair is certainly unexpected and original. What is it, can you ask? Underarm unicorn hair


So, for those who dare to undress and choose not to shave, or shave less often than others, why not have a little fun and dye the hair in the armpit?

This trend is twofold: remember that body hair is natural, natural and beautiful, while having fun and adding an element of unexpected color.

People have been dying their armpit hair for a hot minute now, but it has had a recent increase in popularity in recent months.

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