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Photographer spends 2 years photographing animals that will soon disappear, Maybe It Breaks Our Hearts

by Tim Flach

The species we all know (polar bear, the Leopard substance, the cheetah) from exotic animals than we imagined in the fantasy of movies (Saiga, Eagle Filipino Olm Salamander) Flach presents a wide range of biodiversity with species in danger. to highlight the unique challenges facing every animal in order to survive. Some have reduced their number due to the destruction of habitat. Others endure even more terrible experiences, such as hunting, hunting and black market.

For most of us, endangered animals are further mysteries. However, British photographer Tim Flach has spent the past two years braving their habitats and documenting his fragile lives. The resulting work, Endangered, offers an intimate and unusual vision of the wonderful life of the most endangered creatures on Earth, and reminding everyone of the fears of losing.

Flach often said that he aims to discover relationships that connect people with our savage colleagues. Bullish eyes in the animals described in the peril is sad to imagine that any of them will ever be considered less worthy of life than any of us. Move down to see the best shots from the series, and vote for those who take breath.

This is 10 rare creatures shot by professional

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#14  White Bellied Pangolin



#13 Snow Leopard


#12 Philippine Eagle

#11 Shoebill

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