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“You All Just Got A Lot Richer” Said’s Trump to Rich Mar-a-Lago Friends After Tax Bill

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President Donald Trump joined his family in his “White House of Winter” for Friday night vacations after signing the Republican Party tax bill and reportedly told rich friends who eat in Mar- a-Lago “everyone has become much richer”.

A few days before leaving for the holidays, Trump told reporters at the White House that the tax bill would be “one of the best Christmas gifts for middle-income people.” However, the exclusive guests of Mar-a-lago would have paid an initiation fee of $ 200,000 and an annual membership fee of $ 14,000 to the Trump Golf Club and Resort.

Trump made the comment to friends who were having dinner at a nearby table, two of whom talked about the meeting with CBS News.

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“This is going to be a big thing for the American people, it’s going to be fantastic for the economy,” Trump told reporters at the Oval Office’s signing on Friday. “This will prevent companies from leaving our coasts and opening up in other countries.”

When Trump signed a $ 1.5 trillion tax review, ultra-rich taxpayers from the 95th to the 99th percentile received the largest tax cuts, even though the top 1% already owns about 40% of US wealth. . Instead of the 35% tax cut he promised to middle-class voters, his taxes decreased by only 10%.

According to a nonpartisan report from the Tax Policy Center, all income groups have received a tax cut from the Republican tax reform, but most of the individual tax cuts will disappear by 2025. A huge 53% of Americans will pay more taxes for 2027

In his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump told his millions of followers on Twitter: “We will reduce taxes for the middle class,” adding that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wanted to raise taxes for the class. average.

“I see this as a bill for the middle class and an employment bill, and companies are produced by corporations and corporations, and companies are literally insane,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday. .

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