A Couple Sow a Helerious designed Bookshelf online

But They Had No Idea It Will Turn Out So Good

by boredpanda

We all live in a Pinterest phase at some point. No wonder: the page can easily connect you to all kinds of inspiring images, from fashionable design to photography.

In some cases, these images can not be anchored and forgotten, they must be made in real life. This was the case when Jessica and Sinclair Breen found an image of an online library.
“When I showed him [the picture] Sinclair almost had a heart attack,” Jessica told the Daily Mail. “We knew we had to try.” That’s when the ball started rolling.

Jessica measured the space on the wall, took the inspiring picture with her and went to the graphic arts teacher who worked in the same school as she. With their help, they quickly learned to order size boards and, after spending $ 900, they had everything they needed to start building.

Jessica and Sinclair Breen were browsing the internet, when they came across an image of a bookshelf they had to make themselves

The project seemed appropriate for the block contest The Block, so the couple began planning the recreation of the shelf of their dreams

After measuring and designing the appearance, they ordered custom panels that cost them around $ 900.

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