The 10 best tips to find morel mushrooms

The 10 best tips for mushroom acquisition morel

Do you expect ideas to fill more mushroom baskets with overflow capability? Here are some tips to help you have a great mushroom harvest this year.
If you do not have more mushrooms where you live, soon they will be. Are you ready? Here are ten quick tips to help you feed your biggest mushroom daydreams.

10. The temperature is straight.
I’m not saying there’s more than nothing, but they’re a bit like the baby that wanted porridge to be “fair.” Watch the outside temperature. The morels like when it begins to be around 60 degrees or more during the day, with a nighttime temperature that moves about 40 degrees. Also, get a soil thermometer for you and check the soil temperature when you are hunting. Morels begins to hit the world between 45 degrees and 50 degrees.

9. Hillside.

On the side of the hill that receives more sun, it will be warmer, of course, on the other side. That’s where beginners begin. Check the south-facing slopes at the beginning of the season.

8. Know your trees.
Morels can be a tree hug. Learn to identify trees, leaves and leaves, and you will find more and you will be more successful. The elms, the ashes, the poplar and the apple are more known fungi. Look for dead trees and die too. But make sure that the hives appear where they are displayed.

7. Landline.
Morels love the clay soil. Loamy soil is what you could have in the back of the trees. Good drainage is wet but not wet, there is a good mix of clay, sand, decomposition, calcium and / or lime. But, again, you can see more where they represent. I found them growing in grass and pine trees.

6. The disturbed earth is a good land.
The main sites and the registration areas are often larger places. Check online sources of fireworks that occurred the previous year in your area. The World Map of Forest Fire Incidents is a location that executes current and past fireworks. Pay attention to the forested areas that have built large equipment or registration operations. The Morel areas also affect floods.

5. After the rain.
The spring rain can only get the proper cure to show more. If the temperatures are correct (see # 1 above) and you will get a good rain, add the next day in the calendar as “morel hunting”.

4. Lunch

Of course, you can go out hunting mushrooms and fall, and then go to the house to clean and cook them. But most of the best days I experienced the most, whether I got mushrooms or not, were the days I gave a light lunch to enjoy the countryside.

It is a simple pleasure to have lost sitting with a tree, a sandwich and a hot tea or tea. You could even pack a small camp stove, and pack a butter with many hives too easily. They probably discover that they have better taste when they eat in the forest.

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