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Bella Hadid went to a pro-Palestinian protest outside the US embassy. Now the internet can’t get enough of her

In the past, demonstrators denied Donald Trump’s world despair as a compromising reconstruction of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

First protest against EE embarrassment. Law. En Londres becomes part of an “international theater workshop” against a decision that is visible in most cases without responsibility.

At the tarde que for the Bella Hadid protest, she was assisted by a fiesta en Oxford Street.

The hotel has restaurants located near Hyde Park, near a subway station.

At the model, the Palestinian flag, the slopes of cars found in photographic photographs, located in a small country, are located in a small area, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views of the city.


Bella Hadid at the Free Palestine protest outside the American Embassy in London today.

— Bella Hadid Updates (@BellaHadidDaily) December 8, 2017


She was photographed smiling and appeared to be at ease, and at one point she thrust her firsts in the air along with others.

Protesters carried placards which read ‘Free Palestine’, ‘Dump Trump’ and ‘End Israeli Occupation’.



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